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Can you name the Jackie Chan Adventures?

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The Main Character of the show?
Main Character's profession?
Where is the main setting of the show?
What is the name of the Main Character's niece?
The Niece's birth place?
What is the Niece's favourite Toy?
Who is the main chi wizard in the show?
What type of story does the chi wizard run?
Who is the Chi Wizard's apprentice?
Which criminal organisation did the apprentice originally work for?
The Organisation was run by whom?
The Agency against Crime is known as?
Which is run by?
The Name of the team of main hero's?
A Mexican Wrestler apart of the team
The Wrestlers Biggest Fan
A Master Thief
Can you name the Artifacts of the Chinese Zodiac?
What is the power of the Rat Talisman?
The Ox?
The Tiger?
The Rabbit?
The Dragon?
The Snake?
The Horse?
The Sheep?
The Monkey?
The Rooster?
The Dog?
The Pig?
What is the noble animal who received the Dog Talisman's powers name?
The Rooster with the Rooster talisman power?
The Pig with the Pig talisman power?
The Tiger with the Tiger talisman power?
The Monkey with the Monkey talisman power?
What is the name of the main group of minions in the show?
The 'Brains' of the minions
The childish strongman of the minions
The Youngest of the minions
A Freelancer eventually employed by the criminal organisation?
The Criminal Organisation originally worked with a demon sorcerer called?
Who was a demon sorcerer of?
Can you name the Mountain Demon?
The Wind Demon?
The Thunder Demon?
The Moon Demon?
The Earth Demon?
The Sky Demon?
The Water Demon?
What is the artifact used to open the Demon Portals?
Can you name the immortal object originally used to defeat the demon sorcerer of fire?
Which tome magically records history?
Can you identify the Dark Chi Wizard in Season 3?
The Dark Chi Wizard has 3 warriors.What are their names?
Later in the series the freelancer would become a warrior? What was his dark chi warrior name?
The Demon Sorcerer and the Dark Chi Wizard would use dark warriors? What is the name of the type of warrior?
In season 4 it was revealed that the dark warriors were soldiers of which Japanese force?
The lord of the Japanese force is named?
His second in command was named?
Can you name the son of the Demon Sorcerer of Fire?
What was the son after?
The team of minions that the son used?
The Leader of the team
His posse member
The Silent member
The Ancient Warrior responsible for The Demon Sorcerer's petrification
A Corrupt businessman obessed with a specific jewel type
A Dangerous joker in the form of a puppet

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