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Name the highest grossing animated movie of all time.
Name the music artist that sings 'Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You),' 'Since U Been Gone,' and 'Because of You?'
Name the longest book in the Hebrew Bible.
In the 1993 drama, 'Philadelphia,' what is the terminal illness Tom Hanks' character is battling?
Name the sport being played during the World Series.
Which zodiac sign shares a similar name with the eight-legged, tail-wielding arachnid?
Name the highest point in Africa.
Name the most common eye color.
Which author wrote the book 'Fahrenheit 451?'
Which chemical element is represented with the symbol Na?
Who is the current United States vice president? (as of January 2017)
In poker, which of the following hands ranks the highest: Straight, Four of a Kind, Two Pair, or Flush?
Miley Cyrus once starred in which Disney Channel television series?
What is the square root of 225?
What is the most populous city in Florida?
Name the only country that borders Qatar.
Name the capital of Michigan.
What actor has appeared in movies such as 'Top Gun,' 'Vanilla Sky,' and 'Mission Impossible?'
How many balls (including the cue ball) are used in a standard game of pool?
Name one of the only two countries in the world that contains the letter X in its name.
How many squares are there on a standard checker/chess board?
Which United States president freed the slaves during the Civil War?
What country is Jakarta the capital of?
What is the proper medical term for the kneecap?
In American football, how many points are awarded for a touchdown?
Which television series includes Danny Tanner, Jesse Katsopolis, and Joey Gladstone as central characters?
What is the Japanese word for hello?
What is the name of the main protagonist in the famous video game series The Legend of Zelda?
What is the 16th letter in the Greek alphabet and is roughly equal to 3.14 in mathematics?
What does the B stand for in the acronym FBI?

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