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Can you name the Social Welfare Legislation or Program?

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EffectProgram or Key Term
Gives money to the aged, blind, or disabled whose income is under a certain level
Gives vouchers redeemable for food at grocery stores to those whose income falls below a certain amount
Provides subsidized health care for adults over 65
Allows low-income, working families to be given a refund by the IRS on their taxes pay less taxes or be
Measure to determine a person's eligibility for government aid
General category for programs that are funded by income taxes that provide help for the poor, elderly, and disabled
Gives money to workers who have been laid off and cannot find work
EffectProgram or Key Term
Provides money to low income people
Part of Social Security Act that supports single women with children. Replaced by a later program
Replaced an older program that provided money for single women with children
Provides subsidized health care for low income people
General category for programs that are funded by workers and provide benefits to them should they become unemployed or retired
Idea that the needy should be given training and education rather than simply money
Idea that the needy should be given money to help with their troubles

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