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Can you name the Members of the Great Houses in Game of Thrones?

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Surrendered to the Targaryens after the Field of FireLannister
The GrossTyrell
Rode VhagarTargaryen
Twice CrownedGreyjoy
Hand of the King, murderedArryn
Drowned in Shipbreaker BayBaratheon
Surrendered the Vale to the TargaryensArryn
Alayne StoneStark
Lord OafTyrell
Went searching for an ancestral swordLannister
Chosen Leader of the Iron Islands after the ConquestGreyjoy
Helped overthrow the TargaryensTully
Lord of Casterly RockLannister
Disfigured by DarkstarBaratheon
Thrice WedTyrell
Killed Argilac during the Last StormBaratheon
Died on the TridentTargaryen
Killed at his weddingBaratheon
Heir to Highgarden, crippledTyrell
Died of a poxLannister
Red ViperMartell
The QueenLannister
Prince of Dorne, Lord of SunspearMartell
Known as The CleverLannister
First Ranger of the Night's WatchStark
Prince of Winterfell, ReekGreyjoy
The ImpLannister
Yellow ToadMartell
Considered weak by his subjectsLannister
Knight of the FlowersTyrell
Died at SeagardGreyjoy
Cat of the Canals, No one, NanStark
Suffers from grayscaleBaratheon
Betrothed to a PrincessMartell
Hand of the KingStark
Owns three kittensBaratheon
The BlessedTargaryen
Married Nymeria and Conquered DorneMartell
Founder of House StarkStark
Sole remaining Arryn, a sickly childArryn
Known as the Laughing StormBaratheon
Conquered the ValeArryn
Conquered the Seven KingdomsTargaryen
Direwolf- ShaggydogStark
The Mad KingTargaryen
Disappeared during the Riot in King's LandingLannister
Burned alive in King's LandingStark
Murdered in the Sack of King's LandingMartell
Married Emmon FreyLannister
King in HighgardenBaratheon
Fathered 9 sonsGreyjoy
Overthrew the TargaryensBaratheon
New Lord of RiverrunTully
Second Husband is LittlefingerTully
Surrendered the Reach to the TargaryensTyrell
Died at PykeGreyjoy
Captain of the Iron FleetGreyjoy
The King who KneltStark
Strangled to death in Kings LandingStark
Joined the Warriors SonsLannister
Heir to DorneMartell
King in the Narrow SeaBaratheon
Carried By HodorStark
The KingslayerLannister
Conquered Deepwood MotteGreyjoy
Crows EyeGreyjoy
Mother of DragonsTargaryen
The GallantTyrell
King in the NorthStark
The Queen of ThornsTyrell
Rode MeraxesTargaryen
Queen of Love and BeautyStark
Died from an infectionGreyjoy
Married into the StarksTully
Killed by VarysLannister
Beggar KingTargaryen
Joined the Targaryens in the ConquestTully

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