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Can you name all the spells mentioned in Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix. Name the spell or it's incantation (if it has one).

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Wand-Lighting charm
Used for protection against Dementors and Lethifolds
Cleans an item or target (scours an item)
Allows the caster to move an object or creature to his/her desire
Makes target blend in with his/her surroundings (no incantation)
Creates a sound-proof barrier around an area and prevents objects from approaching
The Killing Curse
The Cruciatus Curse
Imperius Curse
Makes boggarts humorous
Makes both animate and inanimate objects vanish
Summoning Charm
Silences target
Causes target to become waterproof
Disarming Charm
Decelerates/stops a target
Blasts an object to smithereens.
A charm which links together objects so that they have a 'common purpose'. Cast on a group of object so that one object will be mimicked by the others (no incantation)
Slug-Vomiting Charm
A charm which removes the evidence of trails e.g. removes footprints from snow (no incantation)
Transforms an object into a port key
Unlocking Charm
Mends broken objects
Binds victims limbs together
Produces a bubble around casters head and provides them with fresh oxygen.
Creates a magical barrier which deflects minor jinxes
Levitation Charm
Conjures ropes which wrap around target.
Produces a red/orange trail from caster's wand, used to write letters/symbols in the air.
A charm which locks doors/objects
The Severing Charm
Dancing Feet Spell
A general counter spell.
A curse which causes swelling to the targets eyes.
Turns targets bogeys into bats.

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