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Spontaneous breakdown of one type of atomic nucleus into another
Small and relatively cool star, by far the most common type in the Milky Way
Association founded in England in 1660 to promote research in the sciences
Change in the wavelength of light caused by its source moving away from Earth
Growth of new tissues or organs to replace those lost or damaged by injury
Reddish-brown oxide coating formed on iron or steel
Bending of light as it passes from one substance to another
Tropical forest of tall, densely growing trees in an area of high annual rainfall
Ridge of jagged rock, coral, or sand just above or below the surface of the sea
First chamber in the alimentary canal of ruminant animals
Theory of how motion and gravity affect the properties of time and space
Relating to or inhabiting the banks of a natural course of water
Value for which a given function equals zero
Idealised cycle of processes undergone by rocks in the Earth's crust
An angle whose measure is 90 degrees
Brightest star in the constellation Orion and the seventh brightest star in the night sky
Force that acts between bodies of like electric charge or magnetic polarity
German physicist, who discovered electro-magnetic radiation now known as X-rays
Matter left in a container after evaporation or distillation
Parallelogram where all sides have equal length

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