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Panic of 1797
1802-1804 Recession
Depression of 1807
1812 Recession
1815-1821 Depression
1822-1823 Recession
1825-1826 Recession
1828-1829 Recession
1833-1834 Recession
1836-1838 Recession
1839-1843 Recession
1845-1846 Recession
1847-1848 Recession
1853-1854 Recession
Panic of 1857
1860-1861 Recession
1865-1867 Recession
1869-1870 Recession
Panic of 1873
1882-1885 Recession
1887-1888 Recession
1890-1891 Recession
Panic of 1893
Panic of 1896
1899-1900 Recession
1902-1904 Recession
Panic of 1907
Panic of 1910-1911
Recession of 1913-1914
Post WWI Recession
Depression of 1920-1921
1923-1924 Recession
1926-1927 Recession
Great Depression
Recession of 1945
Recession of 1949
Recession of 1953
Recession of 1958
Recession of 1960-1961
Recession of 1969-1970
Recession of 1973-1975
Early 1980's Recession
Early 1990's Recession
Early 2000's Recession
Great Recession
Great recession

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