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SWING YOUR ARMS FROM SIDE TO SIDE! Mario. You're doing it.
A return under the sea, this time WE'RE YOUR DADDY!
It's time to commence preparations to begin rumbling!
Tatsu and Corn go to Africa, kill a whole mess of people and steal all their gems. Oh, there are zombies too, but whatever, JEWELS!
Somewhere beyond the sea, somewhere, waiting for me! My lover stands on golden sands and watches the ships that go sailing!
Let's all go on an adventure everyone! We're off to save the world, but don't forget to use that AHHHHHHHHH-GGRO!!
The beginning of Tatsu and Khold's adventures into a game we all know and love...until Khold touched it, then we all realized how horrible it could be.
Creepy stuff happens in Condemned! It's up to Tatsu to kill some crackheads!
Well...not so much the world as 6 guys and a chick. Not really as impressive when you put it like that though.
Zam-beez? What'n the sam-hell yew talkin' 'bout son!?
Witch Time All The Time!
Every geometric shape, including cubes, were harmed in the making of this Spam Play.
This is that game, that's like that one movie...with that know the one.
Join Tatsu, Spazzy, and Corn along with fellow Spammies TheKholdOne and PhantomSavage as they go on an epic adventure to find out how racist Khold can be...oh and also save the som
The return of Hobo Batman and the introduction of Welfare Joker! Be prepared for The Drunk Knight!
The popular zombie murdering shooter is now a Spam Play! Will we survive? Well...most of us wont, but at least one of us will! WHOO!
Co-Op with only a single character! Interesting idea... But can Tatsu, Spazzy, and Corn use teamwork to over power the devilish villains of the game? Not a chance in hell.
Crashing castles? I'm in!
Only the dead survive... No seriously, what the hell kind of tagline is that?!

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