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What is the name of radiation with the highest frequency?
What property of a curve on a graph is integration used to find?
What property of a curve on a graph is differentiation used to find?
What is the line which when crossed is the point of no return when in the proximity of a black hole?
What state is an object if it melts?
What state is an object if it evaporates?
What temperature is 0 Kelvin in degrees Celcius? ( 3 sig fig)
What is the derivative of 4x^2-3x+8?
What is the equation generally associated with Newton's second law of motion?
If something is increasing exponentially, by what fraction is it increasing?
Is it possible to square root a negative number?
What unit of measurement is a light year?
What is the SI base unit of luminous intensity?
What value if 5 terabytes in bytes?
What is the range of wavelenghts for visible light in nanometers?

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