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Can you name the words that start with 'gr' given the hints below?

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Nickname of the NFL's New England Patriots tight end
The process of shredding cheese or carrots
A deep, red coloured syrup often used in cocktails
Area on a golf course used for putting
Island nation in the Caribbean
Many fans debate debate who shot first, Han Solo or...
Common name of a species of bird native to North and South America. Sub species include: common, great-tailed and boat-tailed
Term used to describe an incline or decline on a roadway or railway. Given as a percentage.
The structural rules governing the composition of phrases and words in language
A thrown explosive with nicknames like 'pineapple' and 'potato masher'
The protagonist in a book and films who stole Christmas
A thick substance used for lubrication or a movie starring John Travolta
Grain that is used to make flour. Also used to describe the mill used to grind the grain.
Non repayable money given to a charity, research firm or university student
A flared ring usually made from metal or plastic that's placed into a hole in thin material to prevent tearing

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