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Forced Order
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Highest point of a wave
Height of a wave
Waves bending to get around an obstacle
Waves that do not require a medium to travel (Visible Light)
Disturbance that transmits energy
One crest overlaps another crest
Moves the particles of the medium back and forth with the direction of the wave
Two waves overlap and cancel each other out
Lowest point of a wave
Amount of waves to travel past a fixed point in a certain amount of time
The bending of light when going through a different medium
Area of a wave where the particles of the medium are squeezed together
Wave that requires a medium to travel (Sound)
Moves the particles of the medium perpendicularly to the direction the wave is traveling
Combination of of the two types of waves
An object vibrates at a frequency that causes another object with the same frequency to begin vibrating
Waves bouncing back after hitting a barrier
The velocity at which waves travel through a medium
Substance that waves travel through
Area of a wave where the particles of the medium are spread apart
Overlapping of two waves
Distance between two crests that are next to each other

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