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The process of wrapping the dead in the thought that they would give immortality
Pharaoh famous for the construction of the pyramid of giza
Land between Upper Egypt and the Mediteranian Sea
Group that migrated south, had a small spread of language and ethnic community
Ruler who united Upper and Lower Egypt, started the first dynasty
River that supplied agricultural support to Egypt
When Pharaohs presided over a prosperous and productive society
Revered principal gods of ancient egypt
Ruler who brought about the forced change of religion to the belief of Aten
'city of the sun'
Colony that separated from Egypt and Nubia and formed their own independent state
Pharaoh to create the largest empire Egypt had ever seen
Capitol of the earliest kingdom of Kush
Time when the Pharaohs of Egypt took back control after the fall of their predecessors
Egyptian style of writing
Female Rulers of Nubia
Major god of Egyptian Mythology
Ruler that conquered Thebes and founded the Kushite dynasty
Massive structures, constructed as royal tombs
Capitol of New Kingdom of Egypt
God of the sky, Pharaohs generally associated with him
First famous female figure of history, mother of tuthmosis lll
First of three kingdoms of Egypt
Period in which Lower and Upper Egypt unify
Capitol of Lower Egypt
Country south of egypt, Adopted Egyptian lifestyle

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