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law of retaliation
'land between the rivers'
constructed light, and war chartiots
Home of Gilgamesh, major Sumerian city-state
first form of written language
first monotheistic god
Maintained his empire with providing own set of laws named after him
Early on were nomads who inhabited land between Mesopotamia and Egypt
The belief their is only one god
Best known for their maritime trade and communication networks
The central concept in the Jewish tradition
First Emperor of the world
Emperor of New Babylonian Empire, had numerous reform projects
First effective empire of the world
A group of stories talking about a king as a figure of legend
Belief that their is more than one god
Group of Europeans, lived off the land and shared a common language
Effective King of Uruk, Figure of Mesopotamian mythology and Folklore
Assyrian City, largest in the world for some time
Hebrew Patriarch from Ur
Last strong king of Assyrian Empire
Biblical figure thought to have released hebrews from bondage in egypt
Empire that rose to power after the collapse of Babylon

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