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This European traveler spent many years at the court of Kublai Khan.
This is the name for the process of taking talented individuals and moving them to the parts of the empire where their talents were most needed.
This is the generic term for the ruler of a confederation of nomadic tribes.
This central asian conqueror carved out a vast empire for himself after the disintegration of Mongolian rule.
This ruler conquered the largest land based empire in history.
These nomadic people from central asia assumed control over the Abbasids and took Anatolia from the Byzantines.
This afghanistan based ruler is well known for his raids into India.
This capital city of the Mongols served as both a control center for the empire as well as a show of power and wealth to subject peoples.
This word describes the Turkish governors who ruled through the caliphs of the Abbasid Empire.
This popular drink of the nomads was made by fermenting horse milk.
This is one of Genghis Khan's sons, whose descendents ruled the central asian portion of the Mongol Empire.
This indigenous relgious practice of the nomadic people focused on a spirit guide helping people into trances to find answers to life's questions.
This segment of the Mongol Empire lasted the longest, and was based in modern day Russia.
This is the portable house that nomadic people lived in.
This grandson of Genghis Khan ruled over the portion of the empire that encompassed China, and founded the Yuan Dynasty there.
This central asian silk road town became the imperial captial of Tamerlane's realm.
This portion of the Mongol Empire encompassed the area of Persia.
This turkish leader broke off from the Saljuq Turks and created his own empire, the Ottoman Empire.
These turks settled in Afghanistan before launching raids into India and beomcing Sultans in Delhi.
This Islamic Empire gradually came under the control of the Saljuq Turks, but was allowed to continue governing with turkish oversight.
This innovative organization of soliders and officers made the Mongols a supremely organized and efficient fighting force.

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