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Forced Order
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These elites were given power and land by the king in exchange for taxes, military service, and local administration.
These boats allowed northern invaders to cross the oceans as easily as they navigated rivers.
Territory in the Italian peninsula that was under the direct rule of the Pope.
This king defeated overland invaders and became the first Holy Roman Emperor.
This Germanic group dominated Northwestern Europe after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.
These religious complexes preserved literacy as well as literature in Europe.
This Christian group was popular in Western Europe after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, they believed that Jesus was a mortal man.
This Pope was a key figure in establishing the primacy of the Pope over other bishops.
This Merovingian king was important for converting to Catholicism.
These self sufficient units of land represented the social and economic organization in post classical Europe.
This sect of Christianity was based in Rome.
This central European Empire included parts of Germany, Austira, and Northern Italy.
This Carolingian King became the champion of Catholicism and was crowned emperor by Pope Leo III.
This technology allowed Europeans to work the heavy soil of Northern Europe.
This country was developed after Angles and Saxons migrated there.
These Eastern European invaders threatened Western Europe with overland campaigns.
This queen was influential for providing spiritual guidance to her husband.
This brother and sister team hlped organize monastic life by creating a unified set of guidelines for monasteries.
This city is Western Germany was once the capital of Charlemagne's empire.
This king worked to consolidate power in postclassical England.
These 'envoys of the lord' were responsible for reviewing the work of local authorities.
This is the politial and economic system based on the relationships between lords and vassals.
This term describes the social breakdown of Europe by profession.
Repeated invasions from these Northern people made large states impractical as local authorities could respond more easily to the threats.

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