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Forced Order
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This country was heavily influenced by China, but retained some local customs - especially their freedoms for women
This system was devised to eliminate many of the problems caused by land inequality
This rebel of the Tang Dynasty succeeded in taking over the capital
This name by which chinese people refer to China reflects the cultural impact of China on surrounding peoples
This technology allowed furnaces to burn even hotter and create better iron tools and weapons
This merciless emperor succeeded in re-unifying China
This dynasty refined the examination system to create an extremely efficient bureacracy
This penninsula was influenced by Chinese culture, but its aristocracy retained the majority of the power
This coastal city represents the southern reach of the canal system
This system was devised to produce high quality bureacrats picked by merit alone
This emperor shrewdly paid off his generals to avoid having competitors for the throne
These warriors were used to kee order in the absence of a bureacracy in Japan
This major transportation project is still used in China today
This popular Tang dynasty rebel shared his plunder with the masses
Although brutal and short, this dynasty was instrumental in re-unifying China
This practice illustrated the extreme patriarchy during this period
This thinker was a key figure in the Neo-Confucian movement
Although Japan had an emperor, true power rested with this office
This island nation was spared from Chinese conquest, but still borrowed much from Chinese culture
This Chinese form of Buddhism focused on deep meditation rather than study
This nomadic group was brought in to aid the Tang in fighting a rebellion
This philosophy is a combination of both Buddhist and Confucian ideas
This dynasty was a time of prosperity and territorial expansion for China
This special type of pottery became a major trade good for the Chinese during this period
This Korean kingdom resisted China's military, but not their culture
This leader espoused Confucian ideals, but killed half of his family to gain the throne

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