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This is the city where Islam began
This is the sect of Islam that followed Ali and his successors
This is the event in which Muhammad and his followers fled from Mecca to Medina
This is the name of the religious law of Islam
Connected to the Tigris and Euphrates in the north and the Indian Ocean in the south, this body of water was important to maritime trade in the Islamic world
This scholar sought to reconcile the teachings of Muhammad with those of the Greek philosophers
These symbols are actually from India, but were transmitted to the West via the Islamic world
This city was founded to become the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate
This person was the nephew of Muhammad, and many expected him to be the first Caliph... but he ended up being the fourth
The wife of Muhammad, she is often considered the first muslim
This sea connected the Islamic world to the Indian subcontinent
This mystic branch of Islam focuses on the spiritual connecting to Allah instead of textual study
The father in law of Muhammad who became the first Caliph
This is the colelction of sayings attributed to Muhammad that help clarify the teachings in the Quran
This sect of Islam is the most popular, its followers sided with Abu Bakr over Ali
The final prophet and founder of the Islamic faith
This is the city that Muhammad and his followers fled to when they were expelled from Mecca
This caliph presided over the 'golden age' of the Abbasids
The homeland of Islam, this penninsula is characterized by lots of desert
This Sufi thinker argued that the reason of man cannot possibly understand the will of Allah
This group of Islamic scholars were important for the application of Sharia Law
This pillar of Islam includes a pilgrimage to Mecca
This is the name of the schools in the Islamic world
The holy book of Islam
This is the most holy site in Islam, it can be found in the city of Mecca

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