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Forced Order
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This waterway connects the Black Sea with the Mediterranean Basin
These works of Christian art had mass appreal for common people
This secret weapon helped the Byzantine Empire defend itself from invasion
These Christian ascetics lived on top of pillars to show their devotion to God
This city was the center of the Byzantine world
This was the world's largest church for almost 1,000 years
This emperor accomplished many things - codifying laws, building great monuments, and conquering much of the Western Roman world
This region was the heartland of the Byzantine Empire
The adjective 'Byzantine' is often used today in reference to this sprawling institution of the Byzantine Empire
This document was a review of Roman law that would later serve as the basis for Western law
This city was a major trading center that served as a conduit for the spread of Byzantine culture through Russia
This emperor converted to Christianity and moved the capital of the empire away from Rome
This chaotic event that destoryed the city started at the Hippodrome
These were the two major factions that took part in the event mentioned above
This empress was a key advisor for her husband
This rival empire was the largest threat to the Byzantines until about 650 CE.
This system was devised to help the previously illiterate Slavic people write their language
These military expeditions brought Western European armies into the Byzantine homeland
This system created a strong class of free peasants who received land in exchange for taxes and military service
This general helped orchestrate the conquest of the Western Roman lands
These people originally encroached on Byzantine land, but became the cultural legacy of the Byzantine Empire
This practice sought to end the popular tradition of using art in religious worship
This term refers to the practice of Byzantine emperors taking on the additional role of a theological leader
This group of people pushed the Byzantines out of their most productive lands
This began when the Western and Eastern leaders of Christianity excommunicated each other

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