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Official Name
Official Name of the Former East German Country
Flag Color
Flag Color
Flag Color
First President (1949-1959)
Current President
First Chancellor (1949-1963)
Current Chancellor
Current Foreign Minister
Upper House of Parliament
Lower House of Parliament
Building that houses the lower house
Old Capital (1949-1990)
Number of Bundesländer (i.e States)
Biggest Bundesland (i.e State)
Smalles Bundesland (i.e. State)
Most Populous Bundesland (i.e. State)
Least Populous Bundesland (i.e. State)
Land (i.e. State) That Didn't Join Until 1957
Biggest Airport
Biggest Seaport
Political Party in the Government
Political Party in the Opposition
Number of Bordering Countries
A Bordering Country
Old Currency (1949-2002)
Legal Age to Buy Beer and Wine
Age of Suffrage (On a Federal Level)
Biggest Automobile Manufacturer
Country Calling Code
Internet TLD
Biggest Lake
Highest Point (2962m)
Longest River
Biggest Island
Northernmost Island
Bordering Sea
Bordering Sea
National Sport
National Beverage
Where the World Expo 2000 was held
That One Famous Castle
Nazi Dictator 1933-1945
National Holiday
Year of Unification
Divided Into How Many Zones of Occupation
Type of Pants We Are Associated With

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