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Forced Order
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O' Level Biology
The site of cellular respiration
The muscle that contracts during exhalation
The reagant used to test for protein in food?
The deficiency disease associated with lack of iron
The site of selective reabsorption in the nephron
The blood cell that engulfs bacteria
The part of the brain associated with temperature regulation
The source of energy attached to the phloem tubes
The force associated with water moving up the xylem in tall trees
The blood vessel associated with small lumens
The enzyme associated with protein breakdown in the stomach
The part of the villus associated with fatty acid absorption
The part of the trachea associated with mucus secretion
The blood vessel that transports blood away from the kidney
The mineral associated with stunted growth in plants
O' Level Biology
The process in which blood is pumped out of the semi-lunar valves
What the pancreas secretes if there is too little glucose in the blood
The hormone associated with osmoregulation
The part of the brain that secretes the abovementioned hormone
The pH in the duodenum
The 'change' from the norm in a feedback flowchart
Lipids are broken down to form fatty acids and:
The site of water absorption in the digestive system
The substance used to remove chlorophyll from a leaf
The name of the main vein
The name of the main artery
Anaerobic respiration in yeast produces CO2 +
The place where the oesaphagus and trachea meet.
Movement of particles going up a concentration gradient
The process that a person with missing kidneys must undergo to get rid of waste.

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