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What Saint was painted by Ribera being skinned alive?
This artist almost always painted saints with realism soften with the mystical?
Velasquez was the court painter for which king?
In Los Borrachos, Velasquez show what Greek god in a unidealized form?
What was the response of Pope Innocent X to his portrait done by Velasquez?
Who was the Spaniard that lived in Naples for a while and became known as the Spaniard or Lo Spangnoletto?
In this painting of Velasquez, you see the artist, the back of the canvas, a princess, and a dwarf nudging a dog?
Zurbaran painted this saint many times, usually lost in pray and clutching a skull?
The use of a skull in a painting is meant to remind us of our own mortality, the symbolism is referred to as a what?
How many times did Velasquez paint Philip IV
Zubaran painted this Scottish Saint after he had been tortured and kill.
Velasquez painted a portrait of one of his friends, Juan de Pareja, to help prepare for who portrait?
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