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Carved his likeness onto his sculpture of 'David'
Where is the Baldacchino located today?
Female follower of Caravaggio?
This demigod, the son of Poseiden, was immortalized into one of Bernini's many foutians, name this Greek demigod
What is the translation of 'Un bel Composto'
In one of Caravaggio's paintings, you see Judith cutting off the head of which Assyrian General?
Which Saint was painted by Guido and Caravaggio Being shot by arrows?
What was St. Theresa being peirced with?
What is the translation of 'Trompe l'oeil'?
Who created the 'Triumph of the Name of Jesus'?
Which city did the Carracci Family open up the first Academy in?
Who stab a man in a fight over a tennis match?
The self portrait of Caravaggio decapitated head can be seen in several paintings, but which one was a round leather sheild?
Caravaggio used very dark shadows, with the subject appearing from the darkness of the background. What is this technique?
Where is Bernini's sculpture 'Ectasy of St. Theresa' located?
In this painting you see Jesus calling a tax collector to follew him and become a disciple.
How many paintings of Judith does Gentelleshi paint?
The bronze for the Baldacchino was stripped off of which famous Roman building?
Which Artist painted the Flight into Egypt?
A fresco that has the appearence of a framed easel paintings that have been transferred onto the Ceiling?
Known as 'The Divine'
In this painting of Guido Reni's, Apollo is being led by whom?
This symbolically marks space between heaven and earth where spirit and matter meets. Name this creation of Bernini's.
Caravaggio painting that shows a blinded man laying flat of his back after he has fallen off his horse?
Carracci painted landscapes inspired by which group of artists ?

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