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Can you name the important (or not) NPCs in Sacred Seasons?

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Hint 1NameHint 2
Shot Kigatilik in the eye.A witch, mentioned by someone in Coldwoods.
Parents killed by Bloodhoofs, wants revenge.Appears twice in Bleakwoods.
Guard duty near the Barrier Golem.Not a quest giver, no appearent class.
What? YOU took Mom's locket?I'm gonna teeeellll!
Do all the hard work, and tell Jona it was me! I'll give you a cannon!Dafuq? You REALLY went in there? I was kidding!
C'mon! I'm such a forgotten guy!Might as well kill my partner here so I can give the Summerville Arena quest instead of him...
Get in there, and grab that book!Come back with it alive, you can keep it. Also take this sword.
I love nature!...And why is that creepy Thaum looking at me?
I'm stuck in this place, where everyone except me and one other guy around are vampires.Did I mention I stole my name form a SS2 dev?
My name has a C, dammit! Why isn't it there in my quest?...I miss Seroline...
Hint 1NameHint 2
I don't know what you did in there...But everyone seems to be snapping out of their trance…
I killed my pet wolves for their fur.It's too damn cold... Wait, was that bear holding a map? o.O
NOO! The bookstore!It's now a house for the mercenaries!
Stays the most obvious location EVER.Nobody remembers because she gives no quest.
The best blacksmith of the land that will sell you items!...Whenever the store is added (never).
Kill those things and we'll go swimming!Spoiler: No, you don't.
Omnipresent in Shikaakwa.He's always there, watching.
The first one you'll ever meet,'Howdy newcomer!'
Dungeon-beating mechanics. Worst tutorial ever.Snow Bandit that doesn't like competition
Hint 1NameHint 2
You thought it was Lady Stitch, but it was a fake!My 1.800 HP of doom will crush you!
Back in the days, everyone would grind here!But this dungeon was known by my sister's name, not mine!
The only bloodhoof NPC in Sacred Seasons.Strong and noble!
You know what to do with that scarecrow butt!Magical green scarecrow. Black church!
Pirate Harvest Soldier named after a roman god.Hates a certain Demon Pirate.
A have a key worth premium currency.Unlocks PGA upon beating quest.
First NPC in alphabetical order!Scout in Summerville who gives no quests.
Badgers and Spiders and Bears, oh my!u wot m8?
My clubhouse was ruined… there's badger poop everywhere.My name is also a weather condition!
Blue hair, Shikdwelling, first quest, what else should I say?This one is too easy with only Hint 1.

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