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QUIZ: Can you name the actors by the roles they played?

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Mr. Goodkat, Joe Hallenbeck, Jimmy Tudeski
Marcus Burnett, Bilal, Miles Logan
Jack Traven, Johnny Utah, Shane Falco
Arnie Grape, Danny Archer, Frank Abagnale Jr.
Barney Cousins, Michael Faraday, The Dude
Malik Williams, Darnell Jefferson, Willie Mays Hayes
Barney Rubble, Danny O'Shea, Barney Coopersmith
Caleb Mandrake, Brian Spilner/O'conner, Lance Harbor
Sam Schechter, Peter Bretter, Sydney Fife
Les Grossman, Brian Flanagan, Cole Trickle
Irwin Fletcher, Dusty Bottoms, Ty Webb
Spike Nolan, Del Griffith, Barf
Angelo Pappas, Drake Sabitch, Chet Steadman
Mr. Pink, Garland Green, Crazy Eyes
Biff Loman, Cyrus Grissom, Teddy KGB
Leo Getz, Nicky Santoro, Vincent Laguardia Gambini
Chester 'Chaz' Darvey, Montgomery Kessler, Linkavich Chmovski
Billy Ray Valentine, Buddy Love, Axel Foley
Ben Gates, Memphis Raines, Stanley Goodspeed,
Doug Whitmore, Mikey Walsh, Daniel Ruettiger

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