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A buddhist-looking temple and the fourth dungeon.
You meet Skipper here for the first time.
Mini-game island involving cutting bamboos.
It's locked on the night.
Friendly demon's residence.
Buy potions and upgrade things here.
Flying shop over Skyloft.
Flying shop's resting place.
Here you meet a Goron named Gorko.
Strich has his own mini-game here.
A part of the Shipyard.
Watch out for beehives and Bokoblins in theese woods.
Entry to the desert.
The way to the Temple of Time
The Goddess of Power's realm.
The spring of the volcano.
The second and fiery dungeon.
The volcano where Mogmas live.
This place was also included in Twilight Princess.
The entrance to the woods.
The Goddess of Courage's realm.
The sixth and penultimate dungeon
The waterfall of Floria
Home to the Fortune-Teller
Mini-game island with a cannon.
Merchant's home where you can buy treasures.
The final realm.
Dead people lives here.
Top of the Great Tree.
You fight the final boss here.
A part in the woods.
Inside the sixth dungeon.
Inside the tree.
Inside a statue.
Inside the big and round cloud.
You are inside the volcano.
You learn many songs here.
Home to the Item Check Girl.
Link and his friends lives and learns here.
Home to a little girl and her mother and father.
Parellas and the Water Dragon dwells here.
A place with four separate ways.
A desert with birds throwing big rocks.
Home to the Thunder Dragon.
Ancient Robots works here.
Entry to the mine.
The third and the most colorful dungeon.
A wast sea with awesome music.
A tower in Skyloft.
The Goddess of Wisdom's realm.
The north part of the desert.
Home to two siblings.
Home to a chef and her son.
Weird-looking pirate place at the wast sea.
Outside the pumpkin bar.
You must go here if you have eaten.
The fifth dungeon and it's a ship.
Home to the guy with the robot.
Here you meet the disturbing boss three times.
Home to the old woman.
Riding the mine carts here.
The center of Shipyard.
Four realms called ....... Realm.
Home to the captain and his family.
The final dungeon and you can move the rooms.
Home to all humans and their Loftwings.
The spring of the woods.
The first dungeon in the game.
Here you can learn all about swords.
The statue of Skyloft.
Stone building in the desert.
Entry to the second dungeon.
The Goddess's temple.
The temple that all know who played zelda games.
The big tree in the woods.
Wing Ceremony starts here.
The opposite to the surface.
Big round cloud northwest of Skyloft.
Entry to the deepest part of the woods.
You begin climbing the volcano here.
The east part of the volcano.
The base of the volcano.
The volcano's interior.
Link's Loftwing is trapped here.
The west part of the desert.
The bar where you can buy pumpkin soup.
The opposite of the sky.

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