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Can you name the Kirby 64 Enemy Info Cards?

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Apple tree children.
Angry apple tree.
Weird crystal bosses.
Free Willy, no that's not Willy?!
The opposite of the Groke.
Robot in the city.
Robot's second form.
The final boss?
One eyed god-like boss with great music.
Waddle Dee Substitutes
Rock with feets?
Flying butterfly-like creatures.
Rocket enemies
Means 'fat' on spanish.
Frenzy shooting cannons
Enemies that lives in the giant weird pyramid spaceship.
Shooting straight to the air.
It's just a piece of slush.
This guy needs to chill out.
Floating in the air
Moray frogs
Sand creature with a lily pad.
Throwing bombs at Kirby
Dangerous cylinders
Green snake cactus hybrid
Crab enemies
Electric creatures chasing Kirby.
Knights with cutter ability
Skull wearing enemies
Weird dark spiders
Green one eyed 'Thwomps'
Sneaky antlions
Green blowing fish
Zelda reference
Clione-like foes
Fire on feet
Dark things with a blue aura
Spiky Spiny-like enemies
Bird-mole hybrid
Sandy Cappy-like creatures
A red fish, not a great threat
Green penguin-like foe
It's a trap!
Water blop enemies
Torpedo Ted's cousin
Rhymes with Boo
Enemy with a spiky top
A pile of rocks
Mini volcano creature
Bowser might fear theese creatures
Fiery birds dropping fiery balls
Weird arrow fish
cold birds dropping cold balls
Rhymes with lawyer
Electric metal creatures
Plugging to the ground
Ghostly sword-wielding blue enemies
Lakitu's long lost cousin
A plus-shaped cactus enemy
Bullet Bill's blue brother
This creature likes to dance
Fire spitting enemies with no feets
Creature with a parasol hat
Cute face first, demon face second
A boar-like enemy
Penguins afraid of Kirby
Fireball with yellow eyes
Spear-wielding foe
Harmless butterflies
Cannon stuck to the wall
A witch in the backround
Green blob enemy that gives you the spark ability
Watch out for theese rocks
Flying flower enemies
This guy putts down big rocks
Prehistoric flying creatures
Mummy + Zombie ?
Swinging down the web
White snake-like creatures
Green smiling creatures with cannon ability

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