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Robot from The Simpsons.
Leader from a south pacific island from The Simpsons.
Beardo's husband.
Racing dog from The Simpsons.
4 boys who lives in Mabe Village from the game Link's Awakening.
He stole Stewie Griffin's remote.
Giggity! Giggity! Goo!
Light blue bipedal amphibian Pokémon.
Stewie Griffin's Cousin.
Parrot ally to the Kong family.
Queen of Labrynna.
Wasp boss from Donkey Kong Country.
Queen of Beanbean Kingdom.
Queen of bees.
Rapper from Simpsons.
Pteranodon Queen.
The second ruler of Flora Kingdom.
Triceratops Queen.
Queen of England.
Mother to Rouru.
Queen of Ripple Star.
First boss in Ocarina of Time.
Queen of Underwhere.
Queen of Shake Dimension.
A queen that mistakes Mario for her son.
Mallow's mother.
Queen of flying magical beings.
A queen who appears in Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Zora Queen
A famous former queen of England.
Simon Woosterfield's half-sister.
One of Joe Swanson's athletic friends.
Just type quiet guy.
A 'Quiet Dinosaur'.
Cyndaquil's evolution.
Rito Postman from the game Wind Waker.
On of the 100 sammer guys from Super Paper Mario.
Pufferfish Pokémon.

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