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Can you name the video game related thing that is the odd one out from the group?

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Find The Odd One Out:Answer:Game:
Dr Robotnik, Dr Wily, Dr CrygorVarious
Shy Guy, Lakitu, Bob-omb, NinjiSuper Mario Bros 2 (US)
Captain Falcon, Pico, Dai Goroh, Dr Stewart,F-Zero X
Coin, Red Coin, Frog CoinSuper Mario RPG
Toy Block Tower,Hotel Horror, Run-Down Pyramid, Monsoon JungleWario Land 4
Dragon Wario, Zombie Wario, Cosmic Wario, Captain Wario, Wario: Master Of Disguise
Flame Man, Wind Man, Frost Man, Plant ManMegaman 6
Find The Odd One Out:Answer:Game:
Tetris DS, Tetris Plus, Tetris Attack, Tetris WorldsVarious
Sports Tribe, Beach Tribe, Forest Tribe, Cavelem TribeLemmings 2
Starman Jr, Starman Deluxe, Starman UltraEarthbound (Snes)
Raiden, Gradius, TruxtonVarious
Sonic, Tails, Shadow, SilverVarious
Red Virus, Blue Virus, Yellow Virus, Green VirusDr Mario
Rice Beach, SS Teapot, Sherbet Land, Parsley WoodSuper Mario Land 3

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