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Super Mario World
What's the earliest level that you encounter Yoshi? 
Which level uses the time remaining as part of deciding which path you take through it? 
Can you name the level inside Vanilla Dome that seems out of place? 
Which level do you access Top Secret Area from on the overworld? 
What level used turn blocks in abundance? 
What level can you collect more than 5 Yoshi Coins in one playthrough? 
Which level has a large vertical drop in it? 
In which level do you encounter dolphins? 
Super Mario Bros (NES)
What level do you first see Lakitu? 
Can you name the level that has a snowy appearance to it? 
How many 'checkpoints', parts where you need to choose the right path, are there in the World 7 Castle? 
Which level has the warpzone that leads to either world 6,7, or 8? 
What level does Bowser start throwing hammers at the boss battle? 
How many warpzones are there in total? 
Super Mario Bros 2 (US) (NES)
Name the boss that appears twice. 
Which level does the first red Birdo appear? 
What is the very first enemy that you encounter in the game? 
Which level do you first encounter a space shuttle? 
What level do you need to take a little 'egg ride' to progress? 
Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)
How many warp whistles can you collect in one playthrough? 
Aside from the World 2 level, which other level does the Angry Sun appear? 
Which level contained the doors that swapped you between the big and small version of this particular level? 
Which world has the most normal level spaces in? 
In which world is the 'deserted' fortress level in? 
How many bonus level tiles are only accesible by boat on the world 3 map? 

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