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What empress wrote the Instructions?
This king was noted as saying L’Etat c’est moi.
This group of people are French Calvinists.
Louis XIV’s nickname.
The term used to describe someone who has complete and unrestricted power.
This ruler wanted to “westernize” Russia.
This English King was executed by Parliament.
This man led Parliamentarians in the English Civil War. He would later become Lord Protector.
The Glorious Revolution was when the country took over the ruling of the English crown.
The term used to describe the responsibilities between government and people is called this.
One of Voltaire’s most famous works is called this.
This thinker created the first Encyclopedia.
The area between North America and Africa was called this in the Atlantic Slave Trade.
Who were the main belligerents in the 7 years war?
How many slaves were involved in the Atlantic Slave trade?
The term used to describe the trade wed abetween Europe Africa and North America is called this
This man was responsible for writing most of the Declaration of Independence
One of the reasons for the American Revolution was the high taxes on certain goods. This product was on of the major goods that wsa taxed.
During the 7 years war the French were defeated in this battle outside of Quebec City.
This country was partitioned by Russia, Austria, and Prussia.
The American Revolution started in this year
Frederick the Great was king of what country
This thinker believed that all people were born evil and that life was nasty, brutish, and short.
This woman was one of the first to campaign for equal rights for females

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