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A transformatino that does not change the shape or size of a figure.
Zorro means what in spanish
In an isometric transformation, this term best describes the relationship between the preimage and the image
The only english word that ends in mt
A transformation where all the points of a figure are moved the same distance in the same direction
True or False: The name of all of the continents end with the same letter they start with.
A transformation that turns a figure around a fixed point
True or False: 4 is the only digit that has the same number of letters as its value.
One transformation followed by another
The most common name in the world
An example of #9: term(s) that describe a translation and a reflection across a line parallel to the translation vector
True or False: One can cut a cake into 8 pieces with pieces with three movements
True or False: Any translation or rotation is equivalent to a composition of two reflections
The number of letters in the Hawaiian alphabet
Always, Sometimes, or Never: An isometry changes the size of a figure
How many cups are in a pint
Always, Sometimes, or Never: The composition of isometries is an isometry
How many pints are in a quart
Always, Sometimes, or Never: A rotation is equivalent to a composition of two reflections
How many quarts are in a gallon
A figure has this if there is a transformation of the figure such that the image coincides with the preimage
How many ounces are in a cup
A figure has this if it can be rotated about a point by an angle greater than 0 degrees and less than 360 degrees so that the image coincides with the preimage
The Peach State
True or False: The line of symmetry of an isosceles triangle is the perpendicular bisector of the base.
The Palmetto State
This repeating pattern completely covers a plane with no gaps or overlaps.
Unlike regular tessellations, these tessellations are formed by two or more different regular polygons.
The State Capital

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