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Can you name the movie character foursomes?

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American Psycho Dinner Party
Christian Bale 
Justin Theroux 
Josh Lucas 
Bill Sage 
Corleone Kids (The Godfather)
Al Pacino 
James Caan 
John Cazale 
Talia Shire 
The Gang from Once Upon a Time in America
Robert De Niro 
James Woods 
James Hayden 
William Forsythe 
Wyatt Earp's Gang (Tombstone)
Kurt Russell 
Val Kilmer 
Sam Elliott 
Bill Paxton 
Sex and the City Girls
Sarah Jessica Parker 
Kim Cattrall 
Kristin Davis 
Cynthia Nixon 
Travelers to the Emerald City (Wizard of Oz)
Judy Garland 
Ray Bolger 
Jack Haley 
Bert Lahr 
The Ghostbusters
Bill Murray 
Dan Aykroyd 
Harold Ramis 
Ernie Hudson 
Members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad killed by The Bride (Kill Bill)
Lucy Liu 
Vivica A. Fox 
Daryl Hannah 
David Carradine 

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