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Can you answer this fiendishly difficult quiz to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who?

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What is the rank of Time Lord Bourusa in the Tom Baker story 'The Invasion Of Time'?
Name the story : 'It's smaller on the outside'
Who played The Doctor in the Big Finish Unbound audio 'Full Fathom Five'?
Who wished to fight in the Time War, but couldn't?
Which story ended with the line 'Come on Ace, we've got work to do...''?
Name the 40th Anniversary audio drama
Name the story : Maybe I should go home...'
Who met The fourth Doctor for the first time in Nest Cottage, but knew an earlier incarnation of the Time Lord?
Whiat was the name of the 1966 villain who played games with The Doctor. Steven and Dodo?
What was the name of the CE Webber story that became Planet Of Giants
Who was the nanny? Clara or Nyssa?
Which writer started writing in the Patrick Troughton era, going onto write every Doctor up to Colin Baker?
What seasonal delicacy did The Doctor offer Christina in Planet Of The Dead?
Which classic series story was cancelled half way through production?
Name the story : 'Hello Benjamin'
Who appeared in Frontier In Space and wasn't seen again until The Deadly Assassin?
Finish the title of the 2001 webcast : Death Comes To ...?
What novelisation was the last to be reprinted by Virgin in 1994?
Who has had a string of roles with Big Finish, including 7th Doctor companion Raine Creevy?
Which famous British actor appeared in both Name Of The Doctor and Day Of The Doctor?
This actor played a doctor and a headmaster amongst other roles
Name the story : 'All eight TARDIS' are in position...'
Name the very first DWM comic with Peter Davison
Which story was the first to see the use of the Sonic Screwdriver?
The second name of this famous Who director: Douglas....
Who is this quote referring to: 'Ham fisted bun vendor'
Which William Hartnell stories second episode was returned in 2004?
What TARDIS defence mechanism appeared in The Krotons and Cold War
Finish this now infamous Target novelisation chapter title : Escape To....
Which 1984 story saw Peri in the now famous bikini scene?
Which Doctor didn't eat Jelly Babies from these four : Patrick Troughton, Colin Baker, Christopher Eccleston, Paul McGann
Which eighth Doctor book saw the original destruction of Gallifrey?
Name the story : 'There is one place you must never go...'
Which two part story saw the regeneration of David Tennant?
Skaro was destroyed by what?
What connects the second stories of season 11 and season 33
The Dalek Invasion Of Earth was broadcast over Christmas in what year?
Which Sarah Jane Adventures episode saw the third appearance of the Trickster?
Which Sci Fi show does The first Doctor dislike and Benny heard of?
Who was the second voice of K-9?
Which member of Doctor Who's original production team was quoted as saying 'No BEM's!'?
What seasonal piece of furniture tried to attack Rose, Jackie and Mickey?
Name the story : 'One day, we shall get back...'
How many times can a Time Lord regenerate?
What was Tom Baker's occupation immediately before he became The fourth Doctor?
Which two eleventh Doctor stories are set in 1941?
Which Big Finish audio celebrated 150 main range releases?
What does TOMTIT stand for?
What the first story where the full quote 'Reverse The Polarity Of The Neutron Flow'?
Who was the first person to say 'Doctor Who'?

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