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Can you name the characters from the original Flintstones series?

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------ The Main Characters ------
The protagonist. 'Yabba-dabba doo!'
The protagonist's wife
The protagonist's best friend
The protagonists' wife's best friend
The Flintstones' daughter
The Flintstones' friends' strong adopted son
The Flintstones' pet dinosaur, who barks like a dog
The Flintstones' pet saber toothed cat
The Flintstones' neighbours' pet Hopparoo
Alien exiled to Earth who helps 'dum-dums'
---- The Rest Are Alphabetical ----
Sells the protagonist a 'hot' piano
Owns a bus company the protagonist works for
Millionaire cop TV star of 'Smile, You're On My Favorite Crime'
TV star of takeoff of 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents'
Movie star hired to watch the Flintstones' baby
Delivery boy who outsmarts the protagonist every time
Man with very bad luck
Jewel thief
Arabian prince
Cowboy who comes to the rescue of the protagonist
Bookie who bets on dinosaur races
Mob Boss
Bowling house champion who the protagonist defeats
Rodeo rider, the protagonist's wife's old sweetheart
A smart bear's buddy, appeared on one episode
Owns a billiard parlor
Accidentally sent to the Flintstones' daughter's birthday party
Owns the HMS Bountystone
Grandson of the Flintstones
Diamond Thief
Insurance company owner who the protagonist works for
Owns a ranch
Strange next-door neighbor who live in Tombstone Manor
One time neighbor of the Flintstones, with a magical wife
Detective spying on the protagonist to see if he is fooling around
Dodo bird pet of the Flintstones
Aids in the birth of the Flintstones' daughter
'Batty' doctor who runs over the protagonists' foot
Has a personality-switching machine
Performs a medical on the protagonist
Has an island fortress
Sealosaurus who follows the protagonists' best friend home
The protagonist's father
TV host of a take on 'The Ed Sullivan Show'
The protagonist's butler
The protagonist's mother
Celebrated musical entrepreneur
Movie star who the protagonist becomes a stand-in for
Maid who quits working for the Flintstones
Movie producer
The Flintstones' housekeeper, and a notorious bank robber
The protagonists' grandfather (unnamed)
TV star who is a hypnotist
The protagonists' old friend who woos his boss
The protagonist's old friend who owns a hotel
In the photography episode
Musical composer
Cowboy who comes to the rescue of the protagonist
Trumpeter who is a friend of the protagonist's
TV star who hosts the protagonist's barbershop quartet group
The protagonist's rich double
Suicidal guy who the protagonist saves
The protagonist's uncle's sister
Surf idol posing as lifeguard
'Shinrock' TV host
The protagonist's buddy
The protagonist switches places with him
Thief with a romantic touch who has the protagonists' wife starry-eyed
'Hawaiian Spy' TV star
Jewel thief
Cowboy who comes to the rescue of the protagonist
Lures the protagonist to an island fortress
Escapes from prison after the jury foreman (the protagonist) sends him there
The protagonists' best friend's nephew
Obnoxious neighbor, who has a pet that the Flintstones' pet falls in love with
The protagonist's boss at the quarry (some episodes call him 'Sam' or 'George')
Owns a fine foods business, sponsor of the Happy Housewife Show
Owner of a TV network (Happy Housewife Program)
The protagonist's Mother-In-Law
Private eye
Judo master, who teaches the protagonist's wife and her friend
Romantic guy who the protagonist has to imitate
Movie star
Movie star (hides identity as Gus Schultz)
Rocker who performs in a parody of the Twist
Accidentally sent to Water Buffalo Lodge rather than the Flintstones' daughter's birthday party
TV star on 'Peek-a-boo Camera'
Owns a furniture repossession company, hires the protagonist's friend
The protagonists' wife's old boyfriend
Rookie baseball star
Granddaughter of the Flintstones
Owner of a TV network
Grand Poobah of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes
One time neighbor of the Flintstones who uses magic
TV star dinosaur who the Flintstones' pet falls for
Music writer
Owns a hotel
Jewel thief
Ride into Rocky Gulch just as the protagonist becomes sheriff
Kidnaps the protagonist and his friend because thinks his friend is a mad scientist
Movie star of 'Slave Boy'
Mob henchman
TV star whose identify the protagonist assumes
The protagonist's uncle on his mother's side
Hillbillies, who have a long feud with the Flintstones' descendants
The protagonist's eccentric uncle who lived on nightmare hill
Musical act (singing) 'Way Out, Way Out, that's where the fun is'
SNext-door neighbor who live in Tombstone Manor
The protagonist's wife's old boyfriend
Smarter than average bear, appeared on one episode
The protagonist's uncle that owned Sandstone Cement

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