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Can you pick the word (A or B) which is used more frequently in The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien?

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Word frequency is shown in brackets when the winner is revealed. Words are exactly as shown (so Took would be counted differently to Took's and Tooks and Tookish). Some are much closer than others, and there are a couple of ties just for fun.
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WordsA) or B)
A) Over or B) Under
A) One or B) Ring
A) Simply or B) Walk
A) Goblins or B) Men
A) Wargs or B) Spiders
A) Bag or B) End
A) Desolation or B) Smaug
A) Unexpected or B) Party
A) Pony or B) Horse
A) Up or B) Down
A) Lake-town or B) Mirkwood
A) Dori or B) Ori
A) Orcrist or B) Sting
A) Skill or B) Luck
A) Thorin or B) Balin
A) Run or B) Fools
A) Bard or B) Beorn
A) Roast or B) Mutton
A) Sword or B) Arrow
A) Gold or B) Arkenstone
A) Good or B) Morning
A) Burglar or B) Thief
A) Bifur or B) Bombur
WordsA) or B)
A) Map or B) Runes
A) Gollum or B) Precious
A) Tom or B) Bert
A) Riddle or B) Pocket
A) Elvenking or B) Elrond
A) Bear or B) Barrels
A) Fire or B) Water
A) Bilbo or B) Gandalf
A) Mountain or B) Dragon
A) There or B) Back
A) Legolas or B) Tauriel
A) Hole or B) Ground
A) Wizard or B) Necromancer
A) Eat or B) Sing
A) Dwarf or B) Dwarves
A) Middle or B) Earth
A) Baggins or B) Oakenshield
A) Fili or B) Dwalin
A) Trolls or B) Eagles
A) Misty or B) Mountains
A) Forest or B) River
A) Lost or B) Found
A) Lord or B) King

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