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Can you name the words which contain the letter 'a' at least three times?

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Also try: 'Able' or 'Ible'?
Apologies. That summary was really bad! Wait! Halt that! Arghhhh... "A". Okay, ya prevail. I give up. Wait! What?!?
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African mammal, often and incorrectly referred to as an anteater
Not a tree, this is generally the largest herbaceous flowering plant (and its fruit)
The world's second largest country by total area
Spotted dog breed, commonly associated with fire houses
An 'extra' large show or production
Pioneering 1940 Disney film
He takes out the trash
Person who promotes human welfare and social reforms as a philanthropist
Disable; render incapable
Louisiana Creole dish with rice, meat and vegetables
Borat's home country
Garfield's favorite food
Cheech and Chong's favorite plant
The largest country in Central America
Type of chart outlining a company's employee structure
Supernatural 'activity'
A polygon with four sides and four vertices
Root vegetable also called a swede or turnip
A voluntary rest from work, or a hiatus, often lasting from two months to a year
Like some Europe-to-America cruises crossing the ocean
Not attainable or accessible; cannot answer the phone
The hall of slain warriors in Norse mythology, who live under the leadership of Odin
Baby noise, or the Wiltshire Air Ambulance Appeal abbr.
One of the only X words that fits the pattern (hint: X_nthel_sm_)
Japanese motorcycle maker which, ironically, is not Kawasaki
Bearded star of 'The Hangover' with a crazy last name

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