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Can you name the numerical answers to the 9/11 related questions?

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Note: Some numbers are used more than once, and some are not used.
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Innocent people killed
in the attacks
Number of firefighters
and paramedics killed
Number of NYPD
officers killed
Hijackers killed
in the attacks
Estimated number of countries whose citizens died in the attacks
Number of orphans created
by the 9/11 attacks
Seconds it took for the
towers to fall
Days after 9/11 that the U.S. began bombing Afghanistan
Number of hijackers from
Afghanistan or Iraq
Total Afghanistan civilian
deaths from 2007-2010
Total coalition fatalities from
2001-2011 in Afghanistan
Countries that have lost military
personnel in Afghanistan
Percent of Americans who oppose
pulling troops from Afghanistan
Percentage of Afghans who
preferred Taliban rule
Foreign captives at
Guantanamo Bay since 9-11
Percent of Americans who knew someone hurt/killed in the attacks
Number of funerals attended by
Rudy Giuliani in 2001
Days fires continued to
burn after the attack
Number of 9/11 mentions at the
2002 Oscars
Songs banned post-9/11 for
being 'lyrically questionable'
Weapons of
mass destruction discovered

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