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Note: I know you know the last movie. I'll forgive you if you have to Google it, though. I apologize in advance!
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He had trouble counting to three
And fighting with amputees
The king had a habit
Of slaughtering rabbits
And scaring old ladies with 'Ni!'
No mention of Inky or Blinky
(However, there's talk about Twinkies)
Speaking of ghosts
They're about to be toast!
As Peter and Zuul get kinky
With a cast like this you can't lose
Stiller got rave reviews
Jack Black is whack
Downey is black
And who could forget Tom Cruise?
The Griswold family
Search for the perfect tree
With millions of lights
The star ignites!
And they black out the whole city
The town of Rock Ridge was in trouble
So a fake one they built on the double
The Johnsons stood tall
There was a big brawl
Strange end? Well I guess that's just Mel
Preparing for Y2K
A great plan was underway
Work sucks, they figured
And so reconfigured
The program to steal pennies all day
These friends are a couple of whacks
Whose brains must be full of plaque
When he steals Lloyd's gal
He gets back at his pal
With the aid of a little ex-lax
Who was Phil to complain?
As over and over again
The day just repeated
'Cause he was conceited
Only love would break the chain
His best friend was his right hand
Don't girls feel like bags of sand?
10 years shy of fifty
His friends thought it nifty
But the hooker was really a man!
It's Thanksgiving in Chicago
Neal Page just wants to get home
There's a fat guy named Del
Who's annoying as Hell
Then Neal realizes Del's all alone
They wanted some booze for some guzzlin'
His ID stated: 'McLovin'
More hormones than brains
Resulted in stains
And the comforter needed replacin'
It turns out there's something about her
She's sexy, smart and demur
He knew full well
That's not hair gel
Which was dangling from his ear!
Striker was more than distraught
Luckily he's an ex-pilot!
The landing was burly
(And don't call me Shirley)
It's good he didn't have cod
Bumbling spy? Well, maybe
Bad teeth? Absolutely
But the women he's shagged
And the bad guys he's bagged
Make him just groovy, baby!
A comedy classic, I admit
Schwartzes, a Mog and Dark Helmet
Combing the desert
The bad guys assert
'No, we ain't found s***!'
The best film of the millennia
To have puppets on strings, you betcha!
Kim Jong-Il
Steals the film
(singing) 'America… **** yeah!'
This film is set in Nantucket
(No, seriously, this is legit!)
With Cusack and Demi
Who saw it? Not many
'It's not awful' proclaimed the critics
They wind up at The Winchester
As zombies attack and fester
A love story unfolds
Their ground they hold
As they hack and slash and dismember
Jerry and Joe saw a murder
So the hims dressed up as hers
Sugar was randy
She became Joe's dandy
And Jerry? Well nobody's per-fect
There once was a mustached man
Hailing from Kazakhstan
Too easy, I think
Yep, I'm a dink
So type the full name (if you can!)

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