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The special color of their drug
Your vision might ____ when you take this drug
And your speech might ____ when you take this drug
The show may leave a ____ taste for some
Arguably the best season (yet)
The cooking fumes' smell
Tuco seemed to lack a ____
The main characters' lawyer
What Hank does to Jesse
A safe place to meet (safer than a junkyard, anyway)
A good spot to hide stacks of money
Mr. White
You can break this bad habit
15 grams for the price of 10
Mr. White's nerdy assistant
They quickly find out this isn't a ____
Appearance of Leonel and Marco Salamanca
Krazy-8 Molina is surprisingly ____
Jesse's tattoo-artist girlfriend
The final episode of season 3 aired this month, 2010
French for 'moon' (sorry, this has nothing to do with the show)
The main character's form of cancer
Jesse was covered in this after he fell into the outhouse
A good place to hide a mobile drug lab behind
Albuquerque, NM is called '____ City'
Is there one of these at Los Pollos?
Pinkman's little brother
A different way to 'cook' altogether
His daughter was Donald Margolis' ____ of his existence
They should launder their money before it goes here
DEA agent... and brother-in-law
How not to break into an ATM
You might do this with jewelry to score your next hit
'You have one minuteā€¦' tick-____
A derogatory term for an illegal alien from Mexico
The RV was built like this
Mike bugs the White's house to hear them ____
Drug dealers do this to law enforcement
Mr. White, after he shaves his head
Badger probably needed this (and likely spelled it this way too)
Ted, Gus, Hector, Skinny Pete eg.
Skylar's relationship to Mr. White
School subject (not Chemistry)
It's all about this drug

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