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Can you name the codes to defuse the bomb and reveal the secret message?

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NOTE: This quiz takes a leap of faith. But if you follow the instructions and pay close attention, I know you can do it! Can you be one of the few to save the world? Open a second window and cut and paste the URLs into there. You may need a pencil and paper too. Street Views do NOT need to move, only rotate and search. Good luck! Your phone rings. You strongly consider leaving it. Do you answer the phone (type "ANSWER") or ignore it (type "IGNORE")? Quickly now!
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June 10th, 10:45am
June 10th, 7:32 pm
June 11th, 8:18 am
June 12th, 3:58 pm
June 13th, 6:16 am
June 13th, 5:22 pm
June 13th, 8:10 pm
June 14th 5:45 am
June 14th, 12:50 pm
June 15th, 12:14 am
June 15th, 7:41 am
June 16th, 11:20 am
June 16th, 11:28 am
June 16th, 11:28:30 am
June 16th, 11:29:15 am
June 16th, 11:29:33 am
June 16th, 11:29:58 am
June 16th, 11:29:59 am

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