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While skiing, if you hear this shouted… ski faster!A
Winning call heard at a games hall; when a line, box, T or full card is achieved.B
Clinking wine glasses or beer steins typically accompany this universal shout.C
Someone instructing you to take shelter, quickly (or an excited hunter).D
Used to express triumph upon finding or discovering something, like an idea.E
Golf enthusiast's bellow, to anyone within earshot, upon a questionable shot.F
Used to command a horse to go ahead or go at a faster pace.G
Beatles album, or a call for assistance.H
Final words of a frustrated worker to their employer.I
Firemen's plea towards a stubborn person in 3rd floor window of a burning building.J
Checkers master, who has moved a piece to the opposite side of the board.K
An adult's stern yell at a child who has used inappropriate words.L
You will hear this (among other things) if your car stalls in traffic.M
One's wife, after asking to take out the trash a dozen times, before doing it herself.N
Shouted upon stubbing one's toe (often followed by expletives).O
Vendor's call from the aisles in a stadium or theater.P
Exasperated teacher to a noisy classroom, or a director to crew just before shooting.Q
Called from the sidelines of a track and field race, or just before a bomb explodes.R
Could precede either 'In The Name Of Love' or 'Or My Mom Will Shoot'.S
A warning call when a felled tree is potentially coming your way.T
Superman's iconic phrase as he lifts off.U
Call attention to or express satisfaction with a thing shown or accomplished (French).V
Asking someone to repeat themselves at a noisy bar or event.W
Pirates, joyfully confirming the treasure's location on a map.X
Celebrating the rolling of five identical numbers in a famous dice game.Y
Shaggy, when he discovers he is all out of Scooby-Snacks.Z
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