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Note: There is a lot of random going on here, with several sources. Please comment with specifics if any data appears incorrect.
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Percent (of)...%Range
World's methane is from domesticated cows' flatulation+/-25%
New Zealand adults who have used cannabis+/-25%
100 top-grossing films were made by Spielberg/Lucas+/-25%
The Earth's atmosphere which is nitrogen+/-25%
The world's active volcanoes found in Japan+/-25%
Chance of getting hemorrhoids in your lifetime+/-25%
Alaska's coastline to total US coastline+/-20%
Bangladesh girls who are married by age 18+/-20%
People who eat the cake before the frosting+/-20%
Western society who claim they floss daily+/-20%
People in Mali earning less than $1 US/day+/-20%
Cell phone minutes we pay for which go unused+/-20%
Urban population in Brazil+/-15%
Urban population in Kenya+/-15%
The world's ice which is located in Antarctica+/-15%
Percent (of)...%Range
The world's population without clean drinking water+/-15%
Polled Americans who have skinny-dipped+/-15%
Canada's surface covered in water+/-10%
South America area which is Brazil+/-10%
The world's land area which is Asia+/-10%
The world's population living in Asia+/-10%
Italians who are Catholic+/-5%
Italian Catholics who are practicing Catholics+/-5%
Unemployment rate in Mozambique+/-5%
Iceland's military expenditure to GDP+/-5%
Water in the world which is fresh+/-5%
Chance of being born left handed+/-4%
Alcohol in (most) Jack Daniel's Whisky products+/-3%
Chance of being born female+/-2%
Dentists who recommend Trident+/-1%

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