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Can you name the missing words in the classic SNL Schweddy Balls sketch?

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LineWordSpoken By
Hello. I'm ________ Jo McCullen.Margaret Jo McCullen
And I'm ____ Rialto.Teri Rialto
And you're ________ to...Margaret Jo McCullen
The Delicious Dish, on National Public _____.Together
Now, Teri, it's _________ season again, our favorite time of the year.Margeret Jo McCullen
Actually, Margaret Jo, holiday time is when the most
culinary ______ can come true.
Teri Rialto
Now, what's on your list this holiday ______, Margaret Jo?Teri Rialto
Well, Teri, I got real ______ this year.Margeret Jo McCullen
I'm asking Kris _______ for a wooden bowl, some oversized index cards, and a funnel.Margeret Jo McCullen
Ooooh, a funnel! That'll be great for _________!Teri Rialto
I know. I feel like a _______! What's on your list, Teri?Margeret Jo McCullen
Well, I'm only asking Santa for one thing - a big box of glue traps to
help me with my excessive ___ problem?
Teri Rialto
Are you, Margaret Jo, gonna leave any _______ out for Santa this year?Teri Rialto
Oh, absolutely, I always do! I like to leave Santa some tap water and ____.Margeret Jo McCullen
If Santa's anything like me, Christmas foods really wreak
havoc on the ol' _________ system. What are you going to leave, Teri?
Margeret Jo McCullen
Uh, I can't ever leave ____ out in my apartment, because I have an excessive rat problem.Teri Rialto
Makes sense. ____.Margeret Jo McCullen
____ times.Teri Rialto
Good _____.Margeret Jo McCullen
Well, Christmas is a time for traditional foods and bite-size treats,
and we have a very special _____ today.
Teri Rialto
That's right, Teri. He's the owner of his own holiday bakery,
with a very, very cleaver name - Season's ________.
Margeret Jo McCullen
That's really _____!Teri Rialto
I know, it rhymes with Season's _________!Margeret Jo McCullen
Please welcome the owner of Season's Eatings - ____ Schweddy.Teri Rialto
Well, Pete, Teri and I have been looking forward to having you on the show, 'cause we know you're the master of all kinds of Christmas _______. Tell us about them.Margeret Jo McCullen
Well, there are lots of great treats this time of year - Zucchini Bread, Fruitcake.. but the thing that I most like to bring out this time of year are my _____.Pete Schweddy
Mmm.. Balls.. ____ us about your Balls, Pete.Teri Rialto
Well, over at Season's Eatings, we have Balls for every taste.
Popcorn Balls, ______ Balls, Rum Balls.. you name it.
Pete Schweddy
Wow! My mouth's ________ just thinking about those Balls!Margeret Jo McCullen
It's been _____ since I've seen any Balls.Teri Rialto
Would you like to ___ my Balls now?Pete Schweddy
Yeah. ____ them out.Margeret Jo McCullen
Mmm.. wow.. you have some _________ Balls..Teri Rialto
They're _______ than I expected.Margeret Jo McCullen
A lot of _______ tell me that.Pete Schweddy
Look at that, Teri - the way they _______.Margeret Jo McCullen
That's because I make sure that each one of my Balls gets plenty of ___.Pete Schweddy
I can't help but ______, Pete - your Balls are a little misshapen.Margeret Jo McCullen
That's because I rested them on a hot _____ too long.Pete Schweddy
Can I _____ your Balls.Teri Rialto
Go ahead. But be careful, they're very ________.Pete Schweddy
Wow. I can't wait to get my _____ around his Balls.Margeret Jo McCullen
Ooh.. I like the way your Balls _____...Teri Rialto
Do whatever you want to, ladies. My Balls are here for your ________.Pete Schweddy
Wow, Pete... I have to say - your Balls are so ______...Margeret Jo McCullen
Well, there's no _______ my Balls. They're made from a secret Schweddy Family recipe.Pete Schweddy
No one can resist my ________ Balls.Pete Schweddy
Wow.. Schweddy Balls. _______ like a Schweddy Ball.Margeret Jo McCullen
Good Balls. ____... good times.Teri Rialto, Margeret Jo McCullen
Good times... Mmm... our producer is telling us it's time to ____ it up.Teri Rialto
That's all the time we have today, Teri. So, join us next week,
when our topic will be that other _______ favorite...
Margeret Jo McCullen
Fragrant, Flavored ____.Together
A quick plug! If you order from Season's Eatings now, you can still send out a special Schweddy Ball _____ in time.Pete Schweddy
Great idea. My _____ would love a Sack of Schweddy Balls...Margeret Jo McCullen

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