Dictionary Proximity: Sports Edition

Random Sports or alphabet Quiz

Can you name the sports teams given words very near in the dictionary?

Updated May 20, 2014

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Proximity TeamActual Team
Sacred Kindergarteners
Chicken Cuckoos
Memberless Gristle
Jackass Jailbait
Buffed Bilirubin
Monotonous Canaries
Tottering Hotshots
Atlantic Fallacies
Blackhead Roundworms
Manchu Units
Uterus Jawbreakers
Ornamental Maggots
Astonishingly Vile
Seatbelt Marionettes
Anaesthetic Ductwork
Calico Flamingos
Tenpin Tittle-Tattles
Indecisive Pacifiers
Washroom Redstreaks
Proximity TeamActual Team
Color-blind Rockfish
Bolstered Wankers
Minor Twinkies
Phobic Sunbathers
Tormented Blubbering Jaywalkers
Balsamic Orifices
Dalmatian Staplers
Pitiful Penetration
Philandering Flyboys
Bossy Bruisers
Carousing Pantyhose
Dental Bronchitis
Winnebago Jesters
Houseplant Astronauts
Million Brewskies
Detritus Pistachios
Indescribable Colostomy

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