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The world’s third largest motor vehicle manufacturer (2009), the name means 'people's car' in German.Volkswagen Group
Automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company founded in 1916. It also owns and produces the MINI brand, and is the parent company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.Bayerische Motoren Werke AG
The thirteenth-largest car manufacturer and second-largest truck manufacturer in the world. It also manufactures buses and owns Mercedes-Benz.Daimler AG
The largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world, after its U.S. rival Nike.Adidas AG
A chemical and pharmaceutical company founded in Barmen, Germany in 1863. It is well-known for its original brand of aspirin.Bayer AG
This automobile manufacturer's name is based on the surname of the founder August Horch, meaning 'listen' — translated into Latin.Audi AG
Largest airline in Europe in terms of overall passengers carried. The name of the company is derived from 'Hanseatic League' and the German word for 'air'.Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Literally, 'German Bank', this bank employs more than 80,000 people in 72 countries.Deutsche Bank AG
Automotive manufacturer of luxury high performance automobiles, which is majority-owned by two families.Porsche Automobil Holding SE
The largest telecommunications company in Europe, with over 260,000 employees globally.Deutsche Telekom AG
Description Company % Correct
The largest engineering conglomerate in Europe, this company and its subsidiaries employ approximately 420,800 people in nearly 190 countries.Siemens AG
Completing the purchase of DHL in 2002, this is the world's largest logistics group with 470,000 employees, and is the successor to the German mail authority.Deutsche Post AG
The largest enterprise software company in the world. It is also the largest software company in Europe and the fourth largest globally.SAP AG
The second largest international insurance and financial services organization in the world, headquartered in Munich, Germany.Allianz SE
The largest chemical company in the world. At the end of 2009, the company employed more than 104,000 people, with over 48,500 in Germany alone.BASF SE
A fashion and lifestyle house based in Metzingen that specializes in high-end men's and women's wear. It is named after its founder.Hugo Boss AG
This bank's name is derived from 'Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau'. In 2008, they transferred €300 million to Lehman Brothers Holdings on the same day they filed for bankruptcy.KfW
The world's largest supplier of automobile components, and has business relationships with virtually every automobile company in the world.Robert Bosch GmbH
One of the major public utility companies in Europe and the world's largest investor-owned energy service provider.E.ON AG
Transportation company comprising a cargo container shipping line and a cruise line. It was formed in 1970 as a merger of two 19th century companies.Hapag-Lloyd

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