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You communicate with your computer through this
Dots and dashes code
Old-school mail transportation
A possible post destination
When your phone goes off at 3:00am, you do this
Postman's path
What Apple does to the competition
Plants can apparently communicate through these
Owls' preferred communications
Telephone handset cradles (remember those?)
Automobiles' preferred communications
A great ringtone: '_____tonk Woman'
Can you semaphore with one of these?
European nickname for a mobile phone
The hearing impaired can communicate with these
Origin of the silicon chip in your mobile?
Fires off a text message
Do Angry Birds eat these?
They can communicate with the future
Your battery does this if it gets too hot
The SETI project listens for life from beyond these
An effective form of non-verbal communication
You can do this with your minutes (with family plans)
SOS bottle destination
My smartphone once did this, now it's all scratched
To call someone, or the thing you call someone on
Prefix, indicating sound or voice
Worth a thousand words?

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