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Can you solve the mystery word pairs by finding the missing letters in each clue?

Quiz Updated Oct 20, 2017

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Tablecloth admirer?_over _over
Tidier?_ess _ess
Crazy horse?_illy _illy
A vulgar guy?_ude _ude
A lengthy tune?_ong _ong
Missing mail?_ost _ost
Losing your mind?_rain _rain
Robbed a library?_ook _ook
Resident rodent?_ouse _ouse
Amphibian Street?_oad _oad
Pester mom?_other _other
Offered parting gesture?_ave _ave
A heavy baseball player?_atter _atter
Better basketball player?_aller _aller
Battle in the dark?_ight _ight
View the tennis game?_atch _atch
Preventing sunburns?_anning _anning
Bloodier?_ore _ore
Funniest joke?_est _est
Soiled hen den?_oop _oop
Located the puppy?_ound _ound
A wet monster?_amp _amp
Impromptu karaoke?_inging _inging
Wood collection?_oard _oard

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