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Forced Order
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a significant change in form or appearance, sometimes one that glorifies or exalts
(v) to take great pleasure in; (n) pleasure
offered for acceptance
inclined to make trouble; unruly; cranky
a humble request, entreaty, or petition
characterized by pretentious, showy, or vulgar display
to correct by punishment or reproof; to “bring down a notch”
Choosing randomly or not based on careful distinctions; unselective
an act or expression of criticism or censure
to feel or express sympathy
indirect or evasive; dishonest or misleading
a noisy quarrel; a brawl
close, personal friend or confidant
a public show of respect or honor towards someone or something
an indirect or devious hint or suggestion
(adj) unknowledgeable, unskilled, or inexperienced; (n): an uninitiated group of people
to make uneasy or perplexed
to discharge violently; to spew; to vomit
the act or instance of transforming from one thing to another
glowing with light without burning, like certain jellyfish

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