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2nd Amendment gives citizens the right to own a ...
Constitution is the _______ that builds our federal system of government
Constitution is the _______ law of the land
Which branch controls the purse strings?hint: branch
Congress can do what to members of the other two branchesif they do something wrong
Who elects the President?no 'the'
The President's term of office lasts how long?include years
A Representative's term lasts how long?include years
A Senator's term lasts how long?include years
Who has powers not given to the national government nor denied to the states?include 'the'
After the Vice-President, the order of succession goes . . 2 positions
What are the 1st 10 amendments called?include 'the'
A child born in the US to an illegal immigrant is not a citizen. True or False?
The 27th Amendment made the minimum voting age . .
Federal judges serve for a _______ termhow long? not in years.
Name a 1st Amendment freedom
Name a 1st Amendment freedom
Name a 1st Amendment freedom
Name a 1st Amendment freedom
Name a 1st Amendment freedom

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