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Which Perl built-in function do you use function
to delete a file
to remove the last character of a string
to get the process ID of the parent process
to terminate the program and execute an external command
to create an immediate core dump
to convert a string to lower case
to remove the last value of an array
to get a pseudorandom floating-point number
to evaluate an expression in scalar context
to make the first character of a string upper cased
to test whether a variable is a reference
Which Perl built-in function do you use function
to receive a message from a socket
to suspend execution for a given amount of seconds
to get the current file position in a file
to create a new process
to test whether the end of the file is reached
to change the working directory of the current program
to change the root directory of the current program
to get the current login name, if any
to perform an action on each element of a list and return a list of the results
to restart a loop block without reevaluating the conditional (*)
to exit the innermost loop (*)

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